Tips for Networking, No. 16

Research Cooperative
28/12/16 09:13:40PM

The engine room - our panel for offers and requests

Welcome to the 14th issue of Tips for Networking

Today's topic: The engine room - our panel for offers and requests

Date: 12th August, 2013. Publisher: The Research Cooperative. Circulation: c. 7,100.
Tips top page.

The Research Cooperative occasionally sends out ' Tips for Networking ' and also more general notes under the title of ' Research Cooperative Review ' . The se appear at irregular intervals. Feedback is welcome.

The image below shows the main panel on the top page of the Research Cooperative website.

Messages sent using the forums for OFFERS and REQUESTS can be found by anyone searching the internet with Google.

By using these forums, your service has a better chance of finding people who need the service, or your request has a better chance of catching the attention of someone who can help.

When you need work, or when you need help, please use our forums!

Our network is the only online network dedicated to all aspects of academic and scientific communication.


[End of tips ]

Sent by: Dr Peter Matthews (Research Co-op Admin., Kyoto)