Tips for Networking, No. 18

Research Cooperative
28/12/16 09:24:54PM

Greetings to all Research Cooperative Members ,

From personal experience, the best networking experiences have been at conferences where I succeeded in delivering a paper that was of interest to people in the audience.

The problem with global onlne networks such as the Research Cooperative is that the audience is dispersed and has very diverse interests.

In principle the unifying interest for the Research Cooperative is not any particular field of research, but the process of getting research published, and research-based communication in general. So - please use our network to think about issues related to communication of your own work, and the work of others.

My task as network creator is to maintain continuity so that the benefits of our network can emerge organically and gradually.

Many academic journals require decades to establish trust, reputation, and a steady following of contributors and readers. An online social network such as the Research Cooperative needs a similar time-frame to develop as a significant part of the scientific and educational ecosystem.


Unfortunately, our current network is hosted by a private company that could close our website at any moment, if the company collapses.

As a hedge against this possibility, I am in the process of establishing a new network with the same aims as the Research Cooperative . It is called the Publish Science Network (PSN), and can become a new home for our members if and when necessary.

If the PSN eventually surpasses the Research Cooperative as a networking platform, then it can be renamed, and our present Research Cooperative members can move on board. Or we can move on board, and keep the old name.

Which name is better? Research Cooperative or Publish Science Network ?

This question can be the subject of a future poll amng all our members. Or you can send me your private opinion now.

The  Publish Science Network (PSN) ( is under construction, but test users are needed and are welcome join at any time, from now.

If you have curiosity in the construction of an online social network, and would like to help, please join the PSN now.

Your feedback as a PSN member and test user will help us develop the new network.

Questions about the Research Cooperative and PSN are welcome, and can be sent to me directly, at any time:


Yours Sincerely,

Dr Peter Matthews,

Admin., Research Cooperative

National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan.

Email: researchcooperative [at] gmail [dot] com.


Thank you...


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