Research Cooperative Review, Issue 6, 28th September 2010

Research Cooperative
28/09/10 11:46:07PM
RCR 6, 28th Sept. 2010

Dear Members,

In recent months, our membership has increased from 2,000 to 3,000,making possible a huge number of new interactions between researchers,writers, editors, proofreaders, illustrators, translators andpublishers.

Since the last Review, I have updated and expanded menu notes to:

(1) explain how to use our network, and
(2) attract support, and
(3) acknowledge support received.

Here are some of the new notes, below. Please look at any of them.

Network scenarios - how to use this network
The advertising page
We support...
Our supporters
Invitation template

Members are encouraged to describe the Research Cooperative on anyacademic Listservs they have subscribed to.

If descriptive messages can be tailored according to the interests of each Listserv, then this can be an excellent wayin which to raise awareness of the Research Cooperative.

Our members include more than 50 editors and translators, so there aremany chances for researchers to find the help needed to preparea manuscript for publication.

Thanks again to all members, for joining us.

Dr P. J. Matthews (Admin., The Research Cooperative)