Research Cooperative Review (Issue 7, 31st October 2010)

Research Cooperative
31/10/10 10:25:06PM
We are now planning an occasional series of 'tips for networking' inside the Research Cooperative.


Feedback and suggestions for new tips are always welcome. They can besent to the Research Cooperative c/o PJM, the present tips editor(researchcooperative at gmail dot com), or to the forum ' Academic Tools Online '.

Tips for Networking will be broadcast to all members of the Research Cooperative with about the same frequency as the Research Cooperative Review (monthly, approximately). The practical tips, and more frequent contact with members, should encourage more use (and more-effective use) of the network. Our broadcast with tips will generally be shorter than the Research Cooperative Review.

While most of our tips will relate to using the Research Cooperativewebsite and communication with other members of our network, we willalso include tips from outside our network, and may occasionally citeauthors who have published useful advice elsewhere.

Our tips will mostly be:

1. Technical tips about using the Research Cooperative website, or

2. Social tips about what to say in profiles and in our forums and group pages, and how to say it (etiquette, etc.).

(Above: new Research Co-op logo, by Terute Design, Osaka, 2010)