Groups with and without administration support

Research Cooperative
01/04/11 11:11:56PM

The list below is current for 2nd April 2011:

Country pages with administration support
Bulgaria - Maria Yotova
Ghana - Tulasi Mathias
Japan - Maria Yotova
Country pages without
'My Country' index page, Aotearoa NZ, Australia, Egypt, Iran, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America

Language pages with administration support
Bulgarian - Maria Yotova
Germany - Tillman Swinke
Farsi (Persian) - Hamidreza
Hindi - Minoo Bhagia
Romn (Romanian) - Jana Gavriliu
Japanese - Mark Smith
Tagalog - Al Sabado
Language pages without
'My language' index page, English, Espaol (Spanish), Franais (French), Portuguse (Portugese)

Service page s with administration support - none
Service pages without
'Communication services' index page, Editors & proofreaders, the Image Workshop, Translators, Publishers & journals

Communication projects with administration support
Sustainable economic development - Jared David May
Volunteers for communication: Japan focus group - Abhishek Goel, Mark Smith
Writing advice - Stephen Charles Komor
Communication projects without
Film and video collections , image collections