Research Cooperative Review (Issue 12, 22nd May 2011)

Research Cooperative
22/05/11 12:33:58PM

Greetings to all members,

1. UPDATE: Since our last Review, the most significant new direction within the Research Cooperative is our new group to support and encourage research blogging: Research Co-op Bloggers .

Many academic publishers now have their own blogging pages where authors and readers are encouraged to comment on current developments in research. There are also many independent blog sites managed by researchers and science writers for various purposes related to their work. Members of the Research Cooperative can also use their own profile pages as blogging sites.

To bring order to the mass of information and commentary that is now produced through blogs, there are also aggregation sites that guide readers to the best authors, or to particular subject areas. The blogosphere is already too vast for effective navigation through internet-wide search engines.

The Research Cooperative is in a unique position to support the blogosphere by offering bloggers opportunities to seek help with editing and translation and other aspects of production. Editors, translators, and illustrators who are able to work with widely-read bloggers may themselves gain useful experience and publicity for their work with more formal or mainstream publishers. Young researchers can use blog sites to gain immediate experience in writing and publishing, and to seek feedback about their writing and their research.

2. REVIEW: In the period from 1st January to 22nd May, 2011, the Research Cooperative has received 18,522 visits from six continents. This result is of course skewed by the many visits made by the present network administrator, based in Kyoto, Japan, so it is more meaningful to look at particular regions outside Japan. Comparing the visitor numbers for South America and Africa is revealing.

Although Africa has relatively few universities for its population, we have received 2,549 visits via 148 cities . The map shows clearly the positive effects of our efforts at promoting the network in Ghana.

86_discussions.jpg?width=200 In contrast, we have had only 456 visits from 103 cities in South America. We clearly need supporters in South America who can actively help promote our network locally and regionally. 87_discussions.jpg

3. ANNOUNCEMENT: A small monthly honorarium is here offered by the Research Cooperative in return for help (for a limited number of months) from a Spanish and/or Portugese speaking Co-op member with suitable communication skills, interest, and location in South America.

The work required is assistance with local and regional promotion of the Research Cooperative, at universities, publishers, and other research-related venues, using email, personal visits, and printed brochures.

If you are able to help, or can recommend someone to help, please contact Peter, researchcooperative at gmail dot com. Thanks.

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