Research Cooperative Review (Issue 15, 26th October 2011).

Research Cooperative
26/10/11 11:23:46PM

Greetings from Kyoto.

I have an important announcement to make...

Today (26th October 2011), I installed a subscription system previously mentioned in the Research Cooperative Review (Issue 14, 8th September 2011).

All new members will be invited to make a donation, which can be $0.00 if the member does not wish to contribute financially, or is unable to.

Existing members will not be asked to donate until after three months from the present date, and will only be asked when they visit the site after that.

The suggested donation amount of $2.95 per year is a minimum amount based on our current running costs, and the likely number of donations. If more and larger donations are received, we will be able to do much more to develop and promote the network, for the benefit of all members.

The following message will be seen by all new members when they join, from today onwards.

"The Research Cooperative invites your donation to help cover the cost of operations. Please contribute if you can.

We understand that many members will be unable to (1) contribute financially, or (2) use international payment services. In either case, please indicate a donation of $0.00.

Thank you (Dr PJ Matthews, Network Creator & Admin.)

Subscription Length: 12 Months. Choose Amount: $0.00 -10.00"

How can the network be developed and promoted further?

There are many ways! We are only limited by financial constraints. The network management system provided by Ning (our host) can easily accomodate very large numbers of members.

My hope is the the Research Cooperative will eventually have enough income to:

(1) Cover basic monthly running costs,
(2) Employ a full-time assistant administrator or secretary (with academic qualifications and basic IT skills),
(3) Conduct various kinds of promotional activity,
(4) Employ occasional writers and translators for work required by the Research Cooperative,
(5) Support members through scholarships for work or training in any area of research communication,
(6) Cover the costs of formally registering the Cooperative as an NPO, in at least one country,
(7) Support establishment and operation of a Board of Academic Advisors,
(8) Establish an investment fund to guarantee financial support for the Research Cooperative indefinitely,
(9) Employ auditors and accountants as necessary, and
(10) Establish satellite networks that operate entirely in languages other than English.

My immediate priorities are items 1-4.

Comments on the new donation system, and our future plans, are welcome (Contact: Dr Peter Matthews, researchcooperative at gmail dot com)

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