Research Cooperative Review (Issue 20, 27th August 2012)

Research Cooperative
07/10/12 09:26:30PM

The Research Cooperative

A message to all members (RCR20)

Greetings from Kyoto, Japan.

Dear Colleagues,


Groups inside our network are potentialy one of the best ways for researchers, editors, translators, illustrators, and othersto meet eachother.

Each group is focused on a particular research field, and issues related to the communication of research in that field.

Until recently, as creator/administrator of the network, I have looked at member profiles and invited members one-by-one to join newly created groups. This effort is unsustainable.

Now I would like to create groups and then advertise them in a broadcast message to all members. I will do this only when multiple new groups have been created ( see below for our most recently created groups ).

New groups are made according to priorities I see as network creator, and also according to requests and expressions of interest from our members.

There are many obvious gaps in our current list of groups. We will gradually fill these gaps, at the same time as our overall network expands.

Please visit and join any groups with titles that catch your interest. These groups should become more interesting over time, as more people join. As early joiners, present members of our network can have a big influence on future development of the network.

Recently created groups:


complex systems , microbiology , physics , psychology


history , innovation clusters ,


business & marketing , fashion & design , teacher education , transport

See also: create a group , how to join a group , and all research communication topics .


Our privacy policy is now shown via a tab in the footer of every page in our network.

Note: each member can adjust the settings on his or her profile page in order to control what people can see, and to avoid some or all emails sent via the Research Cooperative (including future issues of this broadcast, the Research Cooperative Review ).

Our apparent member numbers are now more than 4200.

I will try to make funds for another major promotion before the end of 2012 so that we can enter 2013 with more than 5000 members. That would be a nice goal. Every reader of this message can help by inviting friends and colleagues to join the network, if they are somehow involved in research , communication, and education.


I have returned to Kyoto from Vietnam, after a great trip during the first two weeks of August. My own access to the internet was limited during that time, but generally speaking, internet access is booming in Vietnam.

Thanks again for your attention.

Peter Matthews (Admin., Kyoto JP & Sapa VN)