Research Cooperative Review (Issue 22, 4th January 2013)

Research Cooperative
18/01/13 07:32:17AM


The Research Cooperative

A message to all members (RCR 22)

Greetings everyone!

Best wishes for the New Year.

This issue of the Research Cooperative Review will be brief.

1. We had a good year in 2012. We have many new members.

2. Please look at our FAQ page here (this might take several minutes):

3. If you don't have time for that now, please look at our FAQ poll here (this might take just a few seconds):

4. If you want to make suggestions or ask questions about our network, please contact me directly by email: researchcooperative AT gmail DOT com . Don't forget to put something in the subject line.

Thanks, and yours sincerely,

Dr Peter Matthews, National Museum of Ethnology, Japan

(Admin., Research Cooperative )

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