Future topics for Tips for Networking

Research Cooperative
16/03/14 08:30:09PM

Future tip topics

This is a draft list that will be updated from time to time.

1. Privacy controls
2. Profile information
3. Profile images
4. Sharing Co-op content and messages
5. Sending messages
6. Choosing to be an 'agent'
7. Disguising personal email addresses when offering or seeking direct contact.
8. Personalising the appearance of your own page in the network
9. Etiquette guides and advice for social networking
10. Ning help for members
11. Moderating
12. Setting up a group
13. Languages within our site (Unicode, etc.)
14. Setting up your own social network
15. Leaving our network
16. Negotiation
17. Expectations and reality about making useful contacts (some effort needed)
18. Samples and service trials
19. Volunteering and professional development
20. Finding and choosing groups
21. Promoting your language service or publishing business
22. Promoting published books, and discussing book production
23. Other...