Ofosu-Budu Kwabena Godfred

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Location: Accra, Ghana
Work: Application of Organic wastes and/or inorganic fertilizer as compost or enriched N or P compost on crop nutrition, yield, soil factors. Crops interested include cereals and vegetables and tree crops such as oil palm and citrus
Biographical: Research scientist and lecturer at the University of Ghana on tropical trees and fruit crops for the past ten years. Considerable experience in recycling of industrial wastes as compost and its application on crops growth and yield, both at the nursery and field conditions. Holds Ph.D in plant nutrition
Favourite Publications: Waste management, Agricultural Water management,,Japanese Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, African Journal of Biotechnology, Journal of Agricultural Science

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Research Cooperative
22/08/10 08:23:56PM @chief-admin:
Dear Dr Godfred,I have created a new group called "Energy research" inside the Research Cooperative. This group will focus on how energy research is communicated across all media, scientific and popular. The group is open to researchers, editors, translators, publishers, and others. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please follow this link: Thanks, Dr Peter Matthews (for the Research Cooperative)
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