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Where did all the photographs go?

user image 2012-01-21
By: Orlene Mcilfatrick
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Just noticed that the photograph folders....all the artifact illustrations and experimental archaeology pictures I had on here as an electronic portfolio to show potential contacts and clients has disappeared along with the function to upload photos.

I haven't been on the site for a while so I hadn't noticed until today.

System glitch or website makeover choice?


Research Cooperative
22/01/12 12:35:03PM @chief-admin:

Hi Orlene,

Thanks... I have demoted Chat to the second subtab and promoted Photos to the 2nd and 3rd tabs under a new main tab called Media. The main tab (and all that is under it) have been promoted further by shifting them leftwards.

I will make an announcement about this in the Image Workshop so that others can learn the new arrangement.

Orlene Mcilfatrick
21/01/12 11:28:07PM @orlene-mcilfatrick:

Ahhh, so that's where they are! I remember that the frontpage panels did slow stuff down quite a bit...but yup I agree, we need a tab somewhere on our page that takes visitors directly to our own photo gallery/albums - it's navigationally difficult for a visitor to find them at the moment, and they might not think to look under 'chat'.

Research Cooperative
21/01/12 12:17:59PM @chief-admin:

Dear Orlene,

More like a glitch than a makeover... the photos should all be here:


I did a search inside Photos for ' Scotland ' and found several of your drawings...

Thanks for highlighting the navigational problem.

The link to Photos is now in new subtab called "Photo Gallery" under the Chat tab, which is currently serving as the lead to media generally within the network. Keeping Chat obvious seems like a priority, but it may be better to have the ' Media ' page as main tab. There is also a link to the Photo Gallery in the About section of the Image Workshop .

I took Photos and Videos off the top page panels because they slow down the top page loading speed (in each visitor's browser window). Unfortunately, the basic system does not appear to link each person's profile page to their own Photos. Is that the case on your own profile page at 'My Page'?

This is something I should discuss with Ning. Meanwhile, you can use this Blog post and my reply as your bookmark.

Best regards, Peter

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