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Location: Ankara, Turkey
Work: British prehistory & archaeology, Anatolian prehistory & archaeology, anthropology, artifact illustration,ceramic petrology, ceramic ethnoarchaeology,PXRF Analysis, Japanese language and culture,experimental archaeology, prehistoric technologies,Iron Age Scotland, Jomon pottery, Jomon Archaeology (Japan).
Affiliations: Present: British Institute at Ankara, postdoctoral research fellow.
Biographical: Ba(Hons) Applied Arts: ceramic design -Edinburgh College of Art 2005 Msc Archaeology - University of Edinburgh 2006 PhD Archaeology - University of Edinburgh 2007 - 2012 National Museum of Scotland archaeology department volunteer 2006-2007 National Museum of Scotland archaeology department post excavation staff (outside contractor) 2009-2014 Member of : Scottish Potters Association British Institute at Ankara Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (elected fellow) Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors (now exists as a branch of the Institute for Archaeologists)
Favourite Publications: Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society Antiquity Journal of Anthropology (Ethnos) Cultural Anthropology Ceramic Review

New Website

By Orlene Mcilfatrick, 2013-04-14

Yesterday my newly refurbished website went live.


Lots of archaeology project photos, portfolio material etc. It's frontage and page design is a little plain at the moment, but it will evolve as soon.

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PhD thesis.

By Orlene Mcilfatrick, 2013-02-10

Been off radar lately, as I've been having a hard-earned rest.

I handed in my PhD thesis on the 20th December, and now await my viva examination. No date has been proposed yet, but I expect it to be in April.

Can't believe I survived and actually finished the blasted thing!

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2013 thinking ahead.

By Orlene Mcilfatrick, 2012-06-23

Anyone happen to know of archaeology/ ethnology/ ceramic studies and technology short-term volunteer positions/ opportunities open to foreigners (English speaking with basic Japanese) within Japan?

Looking for something for spring-summer 2013.

Don't need paid, but would be especially happy and interested if accommodation was provided.

Not looking for a post-doc research position at this stage though.

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so close...and yet...

By Orlene Mcilfatrick, 2012-05-21

Now entering the home strait of PhD thesis....

about 10 weeks to go until the 1st draft is due.

It's at the point where I'm tinkering, re-writing bits, proof reading everything and sorting out the illustrations.

wordcount main body: 95,000.

Appendices: 24,000.

so if I can keep it at around this wordcount I'll be fine (main body cannot exceed 100,000 words and they don't care about appendices)

It does mean that I practically live in my study and my social life has become non existent.

Can't wait for it to be over.

Sounds like I'm whining, and well...I am a bit. I'm very much looking forward to having a normal life and with any luck, some decently paid employment!

Been accepted on a 'conservation and restoration of ancient Greek ceramics' course for 2 weeks in Bulgaria in September. Followed by several weeks as a volunteer at the British Institute of Archaelogy at Ankara, Turkey.

Any other Archaeologists on the co-op working in or around Ankara in late September/early October?

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Where did all the photographs go?

By Orlene Mcilfatrick, 2012-01-21


Just noticed that the photograph folders....all the artifact illustrations and experimental archaeology pictures I had on here as an electronic portfolio to show potential contacts and clients has disappeared along with the function to upload photos.

I haven't been on the site for a while so I hadn't noticed until today.

System glitch or website makeover choice?

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If you are in Edinburgh on the Saturday 26th March, do come along to the Scottish Poetry Library at 7.30pm and join our fundraiser!

Mio Shapley will be conducting a tea ceremony, followed by tea, wine, cake, snacks, and a drive to make 1000 paper cranes. There will also be a Japanese bookbinding workshop.

Many items will be for sale include badges, bookmark goodie bags, and a raffle of lovely things.

Visit our facebook page @ 'West Port Supports Japan'

Follow us on Twitter @ wpbookfestival

The tea ceremony will be from 7.30-8.30 and is ticketed because of space...tickets are free, and donations are welcome.

contact kay@westportbookfestival.org to reserve your seat.

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Using the blog feature: posting topics.

By Orlene Mcilfatrick, 2010-08-06
I'm not much of a blogger, though I do have a much-neglected account on a well known blogging service for some social networking and general banter. Anyhow, I have decided to use the blog posting feature here to post specific notes on a
few different research/study interests of mine, as opposed to
'dairy' 'diary' style posts.

My field of research is ceramic archaeology, and my ultimate career is likely to be as an artifact illuatrator and pottery analyst, so naturally those sorts of topics will take precedence.

Other likely posts will revolve around:

Japanese language acquisition; I've been learning for about 2 years now at evening class and in my spare time. I'm always looking for other people's experiences with this difficult and fascinating language, and any advice is welcome.
Japanese Jomon and Yayaoi archaeology.
Middle Eastern archaeology.
Akkadian language and varient of cunieform, which I hope to return to studying at some point.
Art and art history.
Archaeology of Britain; Mesolithic - Iron Age.
French Language acquisition, I used to be semi-fluent and then gradually forgot quite a lot of it with disuse. My aim is to eventually get it all back and add to it. I can still read French at a high level but on-the-spot speaking/ listening is now very difficult.

Rants about woes encountered while writing a thesis may also sporadically appear.

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Ceramic Archaeology Conference Glasgow University.

By Orlene Mcilfatrick, 2010-08-06
A huge thank you to Richard, Daniel and Louisa for a super conference last month.
Conference website:

Hopefully it will become an annual event.
Extended abstracts are being compiled for publication on the website, and will be available there shortly. Many of the speakers (myself included) will also aim to publish our papers in appropriate journals in the coming year.
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