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PhD thesis.

user image 2013-02-10
By: Orlene Mcilfatrick
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Been off radar lately, as I've been having a hard-earned rest.

I handed in my PhD thesis on the 20th December, and now await my viva examination. No date has been proposed yet, but I expect it to be in April.

Can't believe I survived and actually finished the blasted thing!


Muhammad Aslam Khan
26/02/13 03:03:33AM @muhammad-aslam-khan:

I understan your ordeal because I went through this exercise six years back. When viva is announced, your brain would be rather overactive. If I give you free advice, think that during viva exam your are the most knowledgeable because of your research strength. Even examiner does not match you. If he/she wants to be catchy that is beside.

Keep it up and my prayers are with you.

Research Cooperative
11/02/13 06:31:09PM @chief-admin:

Dear Orlene,


Maybe the best thing to do is to read around the edges of your thesis on subjects you like, but had no time for earlier, and also to doodle with possible publication plans.

Sometimes the most simple things in a thesis are also the most new and significant, and the most fun to publish, but we need to have some distance to realise which things. Having a holiday is a good start.

I use the word doodle advisedly, because drawing pictures is a good way to get started with new writing projects.


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