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Location: Oxford, UK
Work interests: Science communication, education, online learning, climate change adaptation
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Research Cooperative
19/01/21 10:03:16PM @chief-admin:


Thanks again... there really is no mark to overstep!

As an ethnobotanist, I enjoy agricultural metaphors... "Fallow" implies a rest from past productive activity, but unfortunately we remain a field of seeds that have not yet sprouted - a seed bank with huge potential. Many seeds have somehow drifted into our field, and there they wait... and wait. For what?


What I need is to somehow encourage people to overcome any hesitancy to ask for help or to offer help to others. Is there a problem with how the forums are presented? I am working within the limits of the software as given, with no funding for a highly customised site design.

The network was created in part to address the question of "How do editors or translators or writers become professional?"

Some may actually have formal professional training in those specific areas, but most scientists who work as paid editors or give voluntary help to friends and colleagues are not specifically trained - they learn by doing, and eventually become professional.

This network allows someone who is NOT professional to make suitably modest offers and gain experience, if he or she wishes to become professional.

I am trying to give opportunities here for everyone, including the professional editors and translators who can reasonably expect to be paid well for their help.

I would be happy to correspond by direct email if that suits you: pjm [at] minpaku [dot] ac [dot] jp


Research Cooperative
18/01/21 10:37:08PM @chief-admin:


Thanks very much for joining. I would be very grateful for your thoughts about how we can develop/promote the Research Cooperative in order to achieve the aims.

Please look around the network.

You will soon see problems, but it is also remarkable that so many people have joined (now approx. 9,000, since 2001) .

It's kind of paradoxical... so many people have joined because they have interests in science communication. But then they do not use the network to communicate!

Some magical ingredients are lacking. Or perhaps the ingredients are all here, but there is no cook and no recipe for how to start the mixing and baking...

(Sorry, I've been in lockdown in Japan for a year, and have bread on my mind).

Best regards, Peter (Admin., Kyoto)

19/01/21 12:16:59AM @oxfordfellow:

Hi Peter

The cooperative is an interesting concept sitting somewhere between ResearchGate and linkedIn and HigherEd jobs. With the number of people you have registered it should be a very dynamic site, but your suggestion is that it has fallen slightly fallow. Though perhaps I should be using more baking than agricultural metaphors! I can certainly suggest a number of ways to develop the site if it would be helpful, though being a new kid on the block, I would hate to overstep the mark. Best PeteĀ 


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