Paulo Pires

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Location: Mozambique
Work interests: Family and Community Medicine
Affiliation/website: Lúrio University Health Sciences Faculty
Preferred contact method: Reply to post in blog/forum/group
Preferred contact language(s): Portuguese, English, French, Spanish
Contact: +258 824235287
Favourite publications: P. Pires, A. Marega, J. Creagh. Antiretroviral treatments abandon determinants in HIV positive patients, Chiúre, Mozambique, 2015. International Journal of Research, Volume 04 Issue 3 March 2017. p-ISSN: 2348-6848. E-ISSN: 2348-795x. ; C. Belo, P. Pires, J. Josaphat, et al. Maternal and new-born mortality: community opinions on why pregnant women and new-borns are dying in Natikiri, Mozambique. International Journal of Research, Volume 04 Issue 6 May 2017. p-ISSN: 2348-6848. E-IAAN: 2348-795x. ; P. Pires, J. Josaphat, P. Baatsen, F. Maldonado. Yes, I want! Evaluation of the determinants of preterm marriage and pregnancy in adolescence, Nampula, Mozambique, 2016, Baseline study for an implementation investigation.

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Paulo Henrique das Neves Martins Pires, born on February 21, 1957 in Lisbon, Portugal, of Portuguese nationality. Resident at Bairro de Marrere, Street nº. 4250, km 2.3, Nampula, Mozambique.


a) Scientific.
Family medicine: a long and extensive experience of medical practice in family medicine, exceeding 120,000 individual consultations and 7,000 hospitalizations in primary and differentiated health care in developed, developing and underdeveloped countries.
Health and development: a diversified practice of integrating, projecting,...

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