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Location: Zola Predosa, Bologna, Italy
Work: Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Development, OD, ID, facilitation, processes, participation, networking, #overpopulation
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30/10/10 10:38:06PM @chief-admin:
Dear Peter,I noticed your comment on our 'Social side'... "I'm interested in utilization of mobile / sms for development, particularly in the field of allowing citizens to monitor government services (e.g. water and sanitaiton services) in rural areas."A few years ago I met a local health activist here in Kyoto who had been paying for his own air-quality tests around the exists of a road tunnel passing through our suburb. The NO and other noxious gas levels were way over the danger threshold, but this has been ignored and the road has been widened to allow more traffic to flow faster. I talked to local city environment officials and they knew nothing about the situation. They have air-quality monitoring equipment stationed around the city to measure the average conditions, not the actual exposure of people to local (and obvious) sources of pollution.So why doesn't every mobile phone have a universally-installed air-quality measuring device that reports actual human exposure continuously and automatically from automatically detected positions? The sum data from 100,000s of phones around the country might be extremely robust and accurate. Other environmental monitoring devices that require probes (e.g. for tap water, river water, or rainwater quality, air temperature, humidity, dust, air visibility, noise levels, etc.) could be optional add-ons that connect to a standard universally-installed standard interface.And then all kinds of medical epidemiological research could be linked to real-time human-exposure data (with suitable privacy standards for handling mobile networked sources).I hope people are working on these possibilities somewhere...Regards, P.
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