Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh

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Location: Lagos
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Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Work: With 5+ years experience, I am active in specific aspects of conservation biology/environmental services, especially in the following areas: - Developing and conducting population and monitoring studies for threatened species (wild and zoos) - Conducting biodiversity studies and landscape assessment - Providing training and strategies for effective conservation. - Designing and developing geographic based information on species and natural areas. -Developing and designing media products with biodiversity content - Coordinating and managing conservation projects
Favourite Publications: CAT News National Geographic Pachyderm Oryx CLAWS

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12/03/17 10:36:48PM @chief-admin:

Hi Rachel,

I've heard that there is a remnant of lowland forest preserved at Ibadan, near the IITA research center. Do you know this place?

Best regards, (Admin)


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