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Location: Colombia, Barranquilla-; calle 37 No.39-27 Barrio Centro
Work interests: Universidad del Atlantico
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Location: Gunma Ken Oura gun Oizumi machi sakata 214 royal satage 102(JAPAN)Posta Code T:370-0532
Work: To teach Spanish; spanish language tourist guide.as volunteer in some cases;interchanges in cultural points or activities.
Biographical: A)Spanish for Editing/ B)For traslation to English or Japanese.

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Ramiro Falla Sanchez
11/01/20 01:04:33AM @ramiro-falla-sanchez:

Learn a language is like a natural process of watching a plant grow or when a child begins to say his first words imitating sounds....as Papa: mama..tate...there are others aspects to consider:physical(environment), mental(neurological) in speech development.I would like to talk about it.

Nick Araho
21/10/08 09:19:45AM @nick-araho:
Hi Ramiro,Thank you for writing. I will write better, longer soon, but for now YES I am your friend.One day I want to learn Spanish.Nick Araho.
Ramiro Falla Sanchez
10/01/20 12:32:48PM @ramiro-falla-sanchez:

well,i will teach you spanish and interchange others items, wait  me for a while.


Maria Gabriela Zurita Benavides
20/10/08 02:42:40AM @maria-gabriela-zurita-benavides:
Hola Ramiro, soy ecuatoriana y resido en Francia. Estoy cursando mi ultimo anio en etno-ecologia, y espero que al fin de mis estudios pueda regresarme para montar proyectos de desarrollo agricola indigena. Tengo un inters particular en la educacion intercultural (etno-educacion), talvez tu has trabajado en este medio?Un gusto y nos mantenemos en contactoGabriela
Ramiro Falla Sanchez
11/01/20 12:03:24AM @ramiro-falla-sanchez:

interesante tu tema, a pesar que estoy en otro topico,pero tengo nexos con el sector agricola, no perdamos contacto.

Geoffrey Philip Mwesigwa
19/10/08 11:50:33PM @geoffrey-philip-mwesigwa:
Hi, Nice meeting you.I wish you great success and will keep in touch.Best regards,Geoffrey Philip Mwesigwa
Ramiro Falla Sanchez
11/01/20 12:08:33AM @ramiro-falla-sanchez:

Thanks ,i will be pennding.

Research Cooperative
19/10/08 08:57:35PM @chief-admin:
Dear Ramiro,Please use your profile page blog to tell us more about Spanish teaching in Japan; have you taught young and adult students? Have you taught in local universities? It is interesting to know - from a first-hand account - how foreign languages other than English have spread in Japan.Please write in Spanish, or English and Spanish, if you want.Vielen Dank, Peter
Ramiro Falla Sanchez
11/01/20 12:15:18AM @ramiro-falla-sanchez:

I am glad to meet you again,many..many..things to talk about. Now I am in natal country; teaching japanese at Atlantico University-Barranquilla City,Colombia.See you next time.

Research Cooperative
12/01/20 09:28:02PM @chief-admin:

Dear Ramiro,

By coincidence, your message came just at the moment that I clicked "send" on my review of a paper submitted to a Colombian agricultural journal.

Some day I definitely would like to visit Columbia!

My work in Japan will continue for at least another five years, all going well.

Best regards, Peter


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