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Location: Częstochowa
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Location: Częstochowa, Poland
Work: value engineering, quality improvement in furniture production, quality improvement in services institutions etc
Biographical: dr inż. Renata Stasiak - Betlejewska, economist, engineer at The Czestochowa University of Technology (Institute of Production Engineering, Faculty of Management), cooperation with Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary and Ukraine, Russia, working also in scientific Journal "Quality.Production.Improvement" and coorganizator of international conference Toyotarity and cordinator of Erasmus and Visegrad Fund

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Research Cooperative
16/02/11 09:27:43AM @chief-admin:

Dear Renata,

I am travelling over the next two weeks, but later I would like to set up a support page for your journal, "Quality. Production. Improvement" Does the journal have a website, in Polish/English/both? Can you provide a description of the journal for me to use (Aims, Publisher, Board of Editors list, subscription type or open access?, etc.?). Thanks.

Peter (Admin. Co-op)

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