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Location: Osaka, Japan
Work: artist, illustrator, art teacher, language teacher, interpreter, travel guide
Biographical: (1) As an artist and illustrator I have collaborated with archaeologists in Japan to produce interpretative images based on archaeological findings, ethnohistorical records, and other sources; I have also conducted educational workshops for museums, as well as working regularly as an art - art and craft work teacher for children. My illustrations have been published in books, magazines, posters, and newspapers, I also self published a picture book and poem book. (please check out my homepage below) (2) I have interest guiding english speaking foreign guests to Japanese towns and countory side for historical, artistic, or forlkrore explore.

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Research Cooperative
22/12/11 09:39:05PM @chief-admin:

Hi... here is a story made from stories:

" How agents can help people in social networks "

Best wishes, P.

Research Cooperative
19/04/10 10:46:07PM @chief-admin:
Dear Sahoko,I used my own scratchy drawing for the Health and Medicine page here: .. but I think your man on the beach drawing might also be good in that area! He seems to bracing himself against a strong sea breeze - and enjoying the support of natural elements.P.
Ray Wittenberg
26/10/08 09:39:46AM @ray-wittenberg:
Hello Aki, The ethnology museum is a wonderful place and I was very happy to meet you and Peter there. And thank you very much for giving me your precious time and also now for you kind comments about my painting, I was amazed at how friendly and helpful Japanese people can be.Ray
Ray Wittenberg
23/10/08 11:05:35AM @ray-wittenberg:
thanks againRay
Ray Wittenberg
23/10/08 11:05:25AM @ray-wittenberg:

Ray Wittenberg
23/10/08 11:03:57AM @ray-wittenberg:
Hi Aki, a hello from Australia and a quick reflection on the weather in Japan. I hope you have a lovely daybest regards Ray
Ray Wittenberg
23/10/08 11:02:44AM @ray-wittenberg:

Sahoko Aki
23/09/08 03:51:56PM @sahoko-aki:

Thanks it is very good idea.It will help much to see what I have been doing and what I wish to do geographically...I want to try making it into a shape soon!

Research Cooperative
21/09/08 04:33:40PM @chief-admin:
Dear Sahoko,It might be interesting to compile all your images of ancient or imaginary scenes based in different parts of Japan, and organise them geographically into a small book, to give viewers a different kind of tour of the country
Sahoko Aki
05/06/08 09:47:38PM @sahoko-aki:

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