Call for book chapters - on medicinal and aromatic plants

Research Cooperative
22/04/19 11:56:02PM

Please consider contributing a chapter to our 4 volumes: 

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Production, Processing, and Pharmaceutics.

I will be editing the following medicinal plants for volume 4:

Piper longum; Digitalis, Isubgol, Kutki; Cymbopogon, Vetiver; Rose; Cinchona; Citrus; Sandal; Tea; Ginger, Kaempferia and Turmeric.

Deadline is 31st of July. You are invited to sign the registration form with the name of the plant of interest and send to me as soon as possible.

See attached details in the original post here

Please get in touch with me if you need further details.

Thank you.

Dr B Montanari

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