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Research Cooperative
09/05/10 10:28:38PM @chief-admin:
Dear Sarah,Does the teaching continue?!I have created a new group called "Express Engineering" inside the Research Cooperative. This group will focus on the expression (i.e. communication) of engineering knowledge across all media. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please follow this link: Thanks, Dr Peter Matthews (for the Research Cooperative)
Jared David May
27/01/09 10:56:41PM @jared-david-may:
Sorry it took so long to reply. If you send me you e-mail address I can send you a .pdf, 1-page research summary. You may also find me on facebook, I have much information there.MfG, JDMay
Jared David May
18/12/08 04:13:45AM @jared-david-may:
I too am new, looks like Mathew found a way to invite a lot of people to his site. It appears to have been around for a number of years, but subscription is really ramping up. However, most people I have meet are quite interesting, and of a high caliber, perhaps mostly Doctoral Students and those already holding Master's degree's.As far as myself it would probably be easiest if you can read my non-professional WebSite: everything is there. As far as the SE, I work on a project in Mississippi in which we try to reconstruct the erosion & sedimentation cycles throughout the Holocene and are especially interested in the Anthropological effects via Landuse in the geomorphology of the landscape.Take Care, and I'll see you around in Cyberspace!!!Jared David...