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Location: Iraq-Baghdad
Work interests: Electromagnetic
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Preferred contact language(s): English
Contact: taelwi82@gmail.com
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Seeking a challenging position in the academic research that can leverage my extensive professional and educational experience.

Areas of focus could include electromagnetic fields designs based on artificial and nanoscale structures to improve their performance, supervision and management of graduate research projects and grants, and the teaching of graduate and undergraduate classes.

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@taha • 7 years ago

1.      Taha A. Elwi, "Toward Plasmonic UC-PBG Structures based SWCNTs for Optoelectronics Applications", Diyala Journal for Pure Science, in press, April 2017,

2.      Taha A. Elwi, "A Miniaturized Folded Antenna Array for MIMO Applications", Wireless Personal Communications, DOI 10.1007/s11277-017-4950-4, pp. 1-13, September 2017,

3.      H. Abdullah, Taha A. Elwi, A. A. Ali, A., A. H. Taher, and M. Thamer, "Effect of non-catalytic infrared on the grain moth Sitotroga cerealella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)", Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Research, Volume 5, Issue 2, JEBAS-2016-MS-1385, pp. 264-270, May 2017,

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5.      Taha A. Elwi, "Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures based an Ultra Wideband Microstrip Antenna", Microwave and Optical Letters, volume 59, issue 4, pp. 827-834, February 2017,

6.      Taha A. Elwi, "On the Percentage Quantization of the Moisture Content in the Iraqi Petroleum Productions Using Microwave Sensing", Al-Ma'mon College Journal, issue 28, pp. 262-277, December 2016,

7.      A. R. Azeez, Taha A. Elwi and Z. A. Abed AL-Hussain, "Design and Analysis of a Novel Concentric Rings based Crossed Lines Single Negative Metamaterial Structure", Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, volume 20, issue 3, pp. 1140–1146, November 2016,

8.      A. R. Azeez, Taha A. Elwi and Z. A. Abed AL-Hussain, "A Numerical Study of the Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna Design for Ultra Wideband Applications", SAUSSUREA Multidisciplinary International Peer Reviewed Journal, volume 6, no. 5, pp. 366-370, August 2016,

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13.  Taha A. Elwi, S. Al-Frieh, M. Al-Bawi, and M. Noori, “No Frequency Reuse: Wearable Steerable MIMO Microstrip Antenna Array for Wearable Ad Hoc Applications”, British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, volume 4, issue 17, pp. 2477-2488, April 2014,

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H. M. Al-Rizzo, K. G. Clark, J. M. Tranquilla, R. A. Adada, Taha A. Elwi, and D. Rucker, “Enhanced low-angle GPS coverage using solid and annular microstrip antennas on folded and drooped ground planes,” IEEE Transaction on Antenna and Propagation, volume 57, no. 11, November 2009.


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02/04/18 10:38:20PM @chief-admin:

I wonder if there are good opportunities in Japan for work in your subject area... all I know, from living here, is that there is great interest in using electromagnetic wave detection to sense and predict ground movements and earthquakes.

There may also be new interest in this subject in New Zealand, after some recent and large, unexpected and unusual earthquakes (Kaikoura and Christchurch).

Peter (Admin., Kyoto)


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