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Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Work: Ethology, evolutionary biology, biological anthropology, ecology, environmental economics.
Biographical: B. A. Anthropology - University of Maryland, College Park - 2008 Science Blogger - http://www.SurvivalMachine.org/ Currently seeking enrollment as a graduate student in Integrative Biology.

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Feri Rahman
10/01/11 11:03:51PM @feri-rahman:
Sorry just reply after more than 1 year..if you interest about indonesia why not try to do some research ;) and I really keen to join if you come or maybe at least as you translator or guide and dont worry it will be free of charge...the cost is only share knowledge :)
Research Cooperative
11/04/10 10:24:21AM @chief-admin:
Dear Timothy,I have created a group for "Ecology communication" inside the Research Cooperative. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please go here: Thanks, Peter
Feri Rahman
27/03/09 07:18:58AM @feri-rahman:
Dear Timothy,Hi, Thanks to you too...i read from your interest..you interest in biology anthropology have you know abaout indonesia? for your information in indonesia so many ethnics..there is about over 300 ethnics maybe you can do some research in indonesia.....regards,Feri Rahman
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