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Location: Spain
Work interests: Associate Professor
Affiliation/website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vicente_J_Llorent
Preferred contact method: Other (see details below)
Preferred contact language(s): Spanish and English
Contact: vjllorent@uco.es
Favourite publications: LLORENT, V. J., FARRINGTON, D. P. & ZYCH, I. (2021). El plan de convivencia y su relación con las competencias socioemocionales, el bullying y el cyberbullying en la educación secundaria. Revista de Psicodidáctica (online first) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.psicod.2020.11.002 (JCR-Q1). LLORENT, V.J., ZYCH, I. & VARO-MILLÁN, J. C. (2020). Las competencias socioemocionales en el profesorado universitario en España. Educación XXI. https://doi.org/10.5944/educxx1.23687 (JCR-Q1). LLORENT, V. J., GONZÁLEZ-GÓMEZ, A., FARRINGTON, D. P. & ZYCH, I. (2020). Social and emotional competencies and empathy as predictors of literacy competence. Psicothema 32(1), 47-53. doi: https://doi.org/10.7334/psicothema2019.106 (JCR-Q1).

University of Cordoba (Spain)

Associate Professor in the University of Cordoba (Spain) and Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge (UK). Doctor of Pedagogy (University of Seville). Degree in Sciences of Education with the First National Award conceded by the Ministry of Education. Chair of Teaching Group about Education and Intercultural Society, conducting more than 10 teaching projects. He teaches and research about Didactics, key competencies, school social relationships, as bullying, and diversity. He has supervised 12 Doctoral Theses and more than 30 MPhil Theses. He is working in national (with...

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Vicente J. Llorent. Associate Professor at the Department of Education, University of Cordoba (Spain). He does research in Didactics planning, Curriculum, Social and Emotional Competencies and Inclusive Education. His current national research project is about Prevention of Bullying and drug use, Ref. 2019I016 (Spain). Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge (UK), affiliated member of the Violence Research Centre and Counselor in Cambridge Assessment (University of Cambridge). (Offsite URL Removed)
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