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Work interests: Crop Wild Relatives (CWR), plant domestication, crop history, biodiversity, ethnobotany
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Economic Aroids Workshop at IBC, Shenzen, 2017

user image 2017-05-02
By: Research Cooperative
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Economic Aroids Workshop at IBC, Shenzen, 2017

The Economic Aroids Workshop will be an 'Associated Meeting' of the XIX International Botanical Congress (IBC) in Shenzen  ( see listing here, ST-24 )


Peter J. Matthews (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka)

Chunlin Long ( Minzu University of China, Beijing; and Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming)

Date: 24 July, 2017

Time: 11:00 am -13:00 pm

Venue: main conference center.


The convenors will present a brief overview of economic aroids (Fam. Araceae) and research on these plants, and then introduce the "Wild Taro Research Project" . We will invite cross-disciplinary collaboration for an exploration of the natural and cultural history of taro ( Colocasia esculenta ), other economic aroids, and their wild relatives.

As a 'roundtable' workshop, all participants will be invited to consider and discuss ways in which historical, ethnobotanical, ecological, taxonomic, and genetic approaches can be integrated in order to (i) learn about crop history, (ii) identify priorities for crop development, and (iii) protect wild crop relatives and their habitats.

Note: Anyone attending IBC and working with Araceae is herewith invited to give a short presentation at this workshop. Please contact: Peter Matthews (researchcooperative at gmail dot com).

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Economic Aroids Workshop, IBC 2017

Research Cooperative
15/05/17 01:57:38PM @chief-admin:

Research Cooperative members can post questions here as a comment. Anyone can contact the convenor Dr Peter Matthews directly to enquire about the IBC economic aroids workshop.

Email: pjm at idc dot minpaku dot ac dot jp


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