New monograph on the pollinators of Alocasia and Colocasia (2021)

Research Cooperative
14/12/21 10:26:58AM

The following monograph on Colocasiomyia spp. has just been published. It contains a wealth of information about the taxonomy, phylogeny, host range, behaviour, and geographical range of the main insect pollinators of Alocasia and Colocasia.

Takano, K. T., J.-J. Gao, Y.-G. Hu, N.-N. Li, M. Yafuso, A. Suwito, R. Repin, R. A. S. Pungga, P. A. Meleng, C. H. Kaliang, L. Chiong and M. J. Toda (2021). Phylogeny, taxonomy and flower-breeding ecology of the Colocasiomyia cristata species group (Diptera: Drosophilidae), with descriptions of ten new species. Magnolia Press, Auckland.

As part of the wild taro research project, over many years, many samples of Colocasiomyia were collected and sent to Japan for identification, and are reported in the monograph.