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Research Cooperative
06/09/18 01:54:42PM @chief-admin:

Dear Dr Li,

I was in Kyoto (Japan) this week when a powerful typhoon hit the city. From our door, looking over the city, I could see electrical explosions where objects must have been hitting powerlines.

When sheets of metal fly in the air, do they have to touch two wires at the same time to cause explosions? Or can they have big effects just by touching a single live wire in mid-air?

I expected more fires to break out, but the biggest fire seems to have been caused by cars being submerged in salt water on the coast, during the typhoon, and then shorting across their electrical systems while stationary.

Best regards, Peter

Zhong-Xin Li
04/09/18 08:07:30AM @zhong-xin-li:
lightning and grounding


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