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Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Work: Archaeology of Japan and Northwest Coast Canada, Romano-celtic Gaul and Britain, wood charcoal analysis, paleoethnobotany, traditional indigenous knowledge, Indigenous intellectual property rights, wetland archaeology, wetland resource use (past and present), human-wetland interaction in prehistoric hunter-gatherers, editing and writing (online and hardcopy), database use and management (experience in Filemaker Pro particularly)
Biographical: aegoode (at) Currently doing MA in Archaeology at Simon Fraser University, estimated completion July 2011. Focus on feature analysis, archaeobotany and charcoal analysis geared to understanding wetland resource use and prehistoric human-wetland interaction Work experience in database use and management in archaeology and historical research, editing and writing. Fluent in English, reading and speaking French. Conversational Japanese.
Favourite Publications: Journal of Ethnobiology American Antiquity Society for East Asian Archaeology National Geographic

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Research Cooperative
20/01/12 10:17:18PM @chief-admin:

Dear Annique,

Did this message in our archaeology group get posted to you from the group page?

In any case, best wishes for 2012. How is your study and work going?

Best regards, Peter

kumar avinash bharati
01/03/11 11:30:35PM @kumar-avinash-bharati:
Thank you for accepting my friendship request
Research Cooperative
14/02/11 09:42:47PM @chief-admin:

Dear Annique-Elise,

Thanks very much for joining. I enjoyed meeting your family in Japan the other night!

Your suit reminds me of one of the archaeologists I knew in Australia. He attended a course in grave-digging at a technical college so that he could learn more about digging deep holes in different kinds of soil. Archaeologists like to explore the record underground, but are not so keen on becoming part of it.

Stay safe! P.

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