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Location: New Delhi, India
Work: Ethnobotany & ethnomedicine, Plant Taxonomy and Ecology.
Biographical: Country: India Language: Hindi. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION Graduation (BSc): Botany (Honours), University of Delhi, New Delhi Post Graduation (MSc): Life Sciences, Devi Aahilyabai Vishwavidyalaya , Indore, India PhD (Botany): December, 2010  Financial support from government of India in form of Fellowship after qualified “Junior Research Fellowship–National Eligibility Test (NET)” examination with Life Sciences, conducted by CSIR, India. Current Project: Digital herbarium database of "Economic plants of India" at NISCAIR, CSIR, New Delhi. RESEARCH EXPERIANCE • The doctoral research entitled “Studies on enumeration and potentials of medicinal plants used in ethnoveterinary system of Sikkim Himalaya.” • Dissertation of four months entitled “Studies on R plasmids bearing gross multiple drug resistance bacteria in hospital practice.” FIELD OF INTEREST Ethnobotany, Ecology, Plant Taxonomy and Evolution Research papers : 1. Kumar Avinash Bharati and B. L. Sharma. 2012. Plants used as Ethnoveterinary Medicines in Sikkim Himalayas. Ethnobotany Research & Applications, (www.ethnobotanyjournal.org/vol10/i1547-3465-10-339.pdf) 2.Kumar Avinash Bharati and B. L. Sharma (2010). Some ethnoveterinary plant records for Sikkim Himalaya. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge. 9(2):344-346. http://nopr.niscair.res.in/bitstream/123456789/8169/1/IJTK%209(2)%20344-346.pdf 2. Kumar Avinash Bharati and B. L. Sharma (2009). Ethnoveterinary values of some herbaceous species of Sikkim. Advances in Plant Sciences. 22(2):583-586.
Favourite Publications: Nature Scientific American Economic botany The Indian Forester

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kumar avinash bharati

Great work

Creating a local research group for...
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Les Gates
07/03/12 03:38:26AM @les-gates:

Hi Kumar

Thank you for the invitation. I hope that we can work together. You can contact me at lesbillgates@yahoo.com


Les Gates

Dr Akhilesh Kumar
26/06/11 05:20:25PM @dr-akhilesh-kumar:

You are invited to join Ethnobotanical Society at my Page on Research Cooperative. EBS is a working group for the establishment of an International Society for the development of Research and Education in the field of Ethnobotany.

Dr. Kusum Payal
21/02/11 02:05:40AM @dr-kusum-payal:
in Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve im working since 2000
Dr.Narendra Patel
10/01/11 11:09:34PM @drnarendra-patel:

please visit open access e journal



held international congress


Rolandas Petkevicius
26/04/10 09:09:35PM @rolandas-petkevicius:
Hello,You may contact me on my e-mail zalcialunkis@gmail.comRolandas
Cheryl D Ambrose PhD
26/04/10 09:02:22PM @cheryl-d-ambrose-phd:
Avinash, if you'd still like my input, you may send information to the email address on my website - cheryl@cdacommunication.ca.


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