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Location: patan, india, gujarat
Work: ethnobotany plant taxonomy
Biographical: english researcher ph.d. guide research experiance 8 years

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Nathalie Allain
02/05/14 06:55:18AM @nathalie-allain:

Dear Dr. Patel,

Sorry for this late reply but I had not seen your request !

All the best

Nathalie Allain

Dr Akhilesh Kumar
26/06/11 05:25:08PM @dr-akhilesh-kumar:
You are invited to join Ethnobotanical Society at my page on Research Cooperative. EBS is a working group for the establishment of an International Society for the development of Research and Education in the field of Ethnobotany.
Research Cooperative
23/03/11 05:45:44PM @chief-admin:

Dear Dr Patel,

Thanks for your request.

I have made a page for your publication, lifescience leaflets, and put a link to the page in the index of publishers and journals associated with the Research Cooperative.

By having a page inside our network, you can more directly explain any needs you have for reviewers, editors, and so on... as well as using our forums to invite help for the publication or for your contributors. Please ask your co-editors if they would like to join the Research Cooperative, and please ask all of your contributors to look for help with their papers (if needed) before they make their submissions! This might help to raise the standard of submissions that you receive.

Dr. P.K.Patel
17/03/11 07:21:29PM @dr-pkpatel:
change the photo............................................
Research Cooperative
11/01/11 07:56:21AM @chief-admin:

Dear Dr Patel,

The International Congress of Life Science (LSIC) can be found here: http://lsic.blogspot.com/

The link you have been sending was incorrect. Please consider promoting the congress with a call for papers in our forum for 'Communication - calls'. There you can give the full title of the congress, the date and the venue, and the approximate target number of contributors and participants. On the Congress page, you should also mention whether the meeting has any source of funding, and whether it will depend on the contributions of participants. Do you have any definite keynote speakers? What are the themes of the congress?

Best regards, Peter

Research Cooperative
10/01/11 10:53:33PM @chief-admin:

Dear Dr Patel,

It is OK to approach individual members about the Life Science Leaflets - you are choosing well. But it would be easier for you to post the same note as a 'Message' in one or more of the groups related to your publication, e.g. here:

. You can find other groups that may be relevant here:

When a message is posted to a group, it will go to all members at the same time... so it is important to make the message as clear and informative as possible.

Best regards, Peter

Dr. D. K. M. Jethi
14/12/08 07:36:05PM @dr-d-k-m-jethi:
If u want any support from me for Ph.D scholars regarding the Ecostatistical Evaluation study of the flora of u r region . Kindly contact me .Thanks.
Dr. D. K. M. Jethi
14/12/08 07:33:32PM @dr-d-k-m-jethi:
Hi I want to know about the flora of Patan and Mehsana district , kindly let me know about the same, as I am interested for phytosociological study along with their dendrogram and ordination analysis, as my book contains the above related topics.
Dr. D. K. M. Jethi
22/11/08 02:13:56PM @dr-d-k-m-jethi:
hi ,I want to know about the projects going in your universities , I m from Rewa ( M. P ) and my Phd thesis has been published in the form of book which has been recommended by UGC . Basically I m gujarati . & my future plannings are to settle in gujarat and to take projects regarding biodiversity.


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