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Renata Stasiak - Betlejewska
13/02/13 10:28:45PM @renata-stasiak-betlejewska:

Dear collegues,

In the name of Institute of Production Engineering and the Managers of Quality and Production Association, I have a great pleasure to invite you for the next edition of WoodEMA conference that will be held in Gdask on 29-31 May in 2013 at the hotel ORLE on the Polish seacoast in the wood reserve called Birds paradise.

Conference will include not only scientific session devoted to presentation of articles on forestry, wood processing and furniture manufacturing but also there will be a chance to be trained by Polish Patent Office people in the range of Protection of intellectual property, what is related to trademarks protection, patent calls preparing and authorship rights that are so important at scientist and teacher work.

The conference will be also a chance to confront scientist view with industry representatives opinions on forecast on woodworking industry.

Conference materials will be edited in the form of proceedings, monographies and journal.

Besides there will be a chance to take a part in competition on the best presentation and relax in the surrounding of the local forest and seacoast of the Baltic Sea on Gdask Sobieszewo Island.

The conference place: Hotel ORLE Gdask Sobieszewo.

We will help you in booking a room for the conference. If you want to stay there longer, please inform us as soon as it possible to support you the best rooms.

If you want to take a look at Gdask city, please open presentation that you can find in attachement.

Best regards,

Ing. Renata Stasiak-Betlejewska, PhD.

ErasmusandCeepus programme coordinator

Institute of Production Engineering

Faculty of Management

Czestochowa University of Technology


mobile: +48508300 064A_WoodEMA2013%20invitation.doc


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