Connecting blogs and social media sites

Dr Michael J. Watts
28/05/11 11:40:29PM

Hi everyone,

I've been looking at how to connect my blog with the various social and professional networking sites. It is actually quite simple to do using RSS and Twitter. I've been able to connect my blog to several different sites, so that when I post to the blog, it shows up as a post on the other sites automatically. This makes sharing updates much more efficient.

I've written my methods up in a short document, which you can download from here .

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Research Cooperative
11/09/11 10:22:47AM @chief-admin:

Hi Michael,

There is a good explanation of how social media tools can be used to tell others about content found on blogs, here at ScienceBlogs:


Peter Gluck
29/05/11 12:35:21AM @peter-gluck:

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I will write about your work.

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