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Location: Adelaide, Australia
Work: - ecological modelling - computational intelligence

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Dr Michael J. Watts

Connecting blogs and social media sites

Hi everyone,I've been looking at how...
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Dr Michael J. Watts

Computational Intelligence Blogs

Hello all,There are two blogs that...
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Research Cooperative
08/07/11 09:09:52PM @chief-admin:

Dear Michael,

If you would like to post (or cross-post) calls for papers, you are always welcome to use our form for ' Communication - calls '.

Cheers, Peter M. (Co-op Admin.)

Ahmed Abubakari
08/03/11 10:37:26PM @ahmed-abubakari:
i wish to be a friend to you. I am an undergraduate final student student. from Ghana. I have interest in development, urban planning and environment.


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