Dynamic map of Europe 1 AD - 2000 AD

Thomas Kis-Major
Thomas Kis-Major
11 years ago
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Thank you Peter, I realised too late that it should have gone there instead ofEditing. When are you coming toour North Shore? Kind regards, Thomas
Research Cooperative
Research Cooperative
11 years ago
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Dear Thomas,

A very interesting set of maps. Life on the continent has been complicated!

Which means that the role of migration and translation between all the different fragments of Eurasia has also been complicated, forever.

I am relocating this message in the Translation offers forum, since your signature makes it clear that you have much to offer as a translator.

Best regards, Peter, Admin.

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Thomas Kis-Major
Thomas Kis-Major
11 years ago
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I would like to share this interesting resource with those who do not have it yet:

Best wishes,

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