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Location: Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod
Work: inorganic and coordination chemistry

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Research Cooperative
20/12/16 11:29:03PM @chief-admin:

Dear Ekaterina,

I am now rebuilding the pages and links in our network, at our new location (on Jamroom) - and am hoping to rebuild the human connections too!

Here's a page introducing our network in Russian. It may be a little out of date, but better than nothing I hope. Please have a look!

Thanks, Peter (Admin., Kyoto)

Research Cooperative
25/02/13 09:41:38PM @chief-admin:

Dear Ekaterina, Thanks very much for joining.

We have a chemistry focus group, Chemical world , and also page for the Research Co-op Russia (which no one has joined yet, as I have not informed enough people).

You are welcome to join these and other groups of interest. Please look around, and ask questions at any time.

Peter (Admin., Kyoto)

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