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Image Resolution

By Research Cooperative, 2022-09-25

Many of the jpg images shown here are low resolution, but for display as a small image online, the resolution may be sufficient.

The maximum resolution is currently set at 2Mb in order to reduce server storage space consumption.

A practical demonstration of the Profile Gallery system

By Research Cooperative, 2022-09-24

"Galleries" are an profile option that members of the Research Cooperative can use in their own profile pages.

Here we will explore how the Galleries can be used, and provide images that anyone who is a member of the network can use, under our Creative Commons license for Research Cooperative content.

The main use considered is for the profile image displayed by a profile owner. This may be useful if the profile owner does not want to use their own photo, and does not like the automatically generated image produced by our system.

When a photo is downloaded from the Gallery using the official download button, the logo watermark will disappear. If the photo is copied by drag and drop from the screen, the logo will remain. Users can use either method. Usually the download option will give a better quality image.