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Location: Europe, Romania, Bucharest
Work: geophysics - electric/electromagnetic seismic precursors
Biographical: tellurics magnetotellurics electrode effect of the global tectonic activity
Favourite Publications: Springer - Acta Geophysica Springer - Climatic Change Springer - Int. Journal of Earth Sciences Springer - Journal of Earth System Science Springer - Natural Hazards Springer - Pure and Applied Geophysics

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Research Cooperative
26/01/09 07:32:38PM @chief-admin:
Dear Valentin,Thanks very much for joining. I believe the Research Cooperative will become most useful when academic publishers in many countries and research fields begin joining (as company members) in order to seek out support for their contributing authors and for the publishing process.For example, a Romanian-language publisher wishing to include abstracts in English could use our site to seek help with translations or proofreading.Ideally of course, we would also develop local-language versions of the entire Co-op website, to support research writing and publishing efforts in each local language.Any thoughts about these matters with regard to Romanian academic publishing would be very welcome.Best regards, Peter (for the Cooperative)


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