Hamed Niroumand, PhD, P. Eng.

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Location: Malaysia
Work: Geotechnical Engineering, Sustainability
Biographical: Author Hamed Niroumand is a lecturer in various universities. His main fields of research are geotechnical engineering, deep foundation, numerical analysis, earth buildings, sustainable materials and nano-material. He is a project manager and professional engineer in various geotechnical projects. In the year 2011 and 2012, he got various awards such as two medals and International Award for his inventions and researches and the 1st rank of Research Section in the Iranian Young Inventor and Researcher Festival 2012 and 1st Rank of Research Section at the National Iranian Youth Festival 2012. He was the chairman and head director of the International/National Conferences of civil engineering near to 12 cases that held in various countries. He chaired sessions in several international/national conferences and festivals in various countries. He presented various research papers in many conferences around the world. He published around 170 papers in journals and conferences. He has published 33 books in USA, Germany and Iran. He is a reviewer and editorial team in various journals. He has invented near to 14 inventions that are patent/patent pending now. He received many awards for his researches.

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