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Location: Japan, Kanagawa-prefecture, Kawasaki-City,
Work: Proficient in translation of versatile spheres of long-range analysis of political/economical dimensions between EU countries/U.S.A. especially after the end of World Warâ…¡. Bilingual, both English and German into Japanese. Also welcome such matters as military/diplomatic issues between EU/U.S.A., whereas as I have been engaged with the macroeconomical analysis of such industrial clusters as automobile, machine-tools, bio-technology, environmental matters, health-care, medical sciences, space telecommunications and military satellite system. Also engaged for the country-risk anaysises of the world's developing countries. Business communications of English/German with the natives possible.
Biographical: I would be very grateful if you would let me know via e-mail echange about the notices, publications and contents of assignments which you wish to translate from English or German originals into Japanese. Advance notifications on the volume depth, degree of difficulty or center of topics/themes would be very much appreciated in order to make bilateral business communications very fruitful and successful.
Favourite Publications: International Herald Tribune Nikkei-Shimbun(counterpart of JapanWallStreetJournal) Financial Times Japan Times(English Daily) London Economist Der Spiegel(German weekly)

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05/08/13 04:14:53PM @elena3:

Thanks for your message, I am also looking for work as you, not offering translation work. Kind regards and best wishes!

Research Cooperative
01/08/13 08:56:33PM @chief-admin:

Lieber Herr Hari,

Thanks very much for joining.

Here (below) are some groups that you might like to join, inside our network. Our network needs help to make our groups more interesting and active (all the with the aim of improving research-based communication).

Although we have (apparently) 7000 members, the activity of our network is very low as we are competing with (a) much larger and less-focused social networks, and (b) much smaller and more-focused networks!

However, our network is the only network that focuses on research communication, across all languages, disciplines, and countries.

Groups that may be of interest to you include:

Research Co-op Germany

Research Co-op Japan

German language page

Japanese language page

political science

business & marketing


You are welcome to post a message in each of these groups, explaining your work as a professional translator, and the areas of translation that you are most happy to work in.

This will make it much easier for people to find you, when they search the internet with specific translation requirements.

Although our network is highly visible in Google, few editors or translators are taking full advantage of the "business street" effect that our network can create (people usually like to visit streets where they can find similar businesses clustered together, because it is easier to compare services).

As a "volunteer" for our network, I would be grateful if you can try using the network to maximum effect for your own work, and then let me know if you can actually make good working connections as a result.

Of course, there are many other matters to discuss, over time, but please explore and enjoy the network first.

Best regards, Peter (Admin., Kyoto)

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