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Location: Adelaide, Australia
Work: Marketing, brand management, pricing
Biographical: I am at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science at the University of South Australia. I an Associate Professor of Marketing. My main interest is the impact of price changes and temporary promotions on consumer demand.
Favourite Publications: Marketing Science International Journal of Research in Marketing

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Research Cooperative
02/03/12 10:39:46AM @chief-admin:

Dear John,

Thanks very much for joining.

In our network so far, we have about 60 members with some kind of interest in marketing. I would like sooner or later to set up a 'research communication' focus group for this topic, and also to begin to get marketing research publishers to look at our network as a place to recruit various kinds of support.

Please look around the network. I would welcome any suggestions on how to get some focus and activity developing on marketing as a research subject.

One ulterior motive I have here is to try and make our network useful to our hosting company, which in turn is owned by Glam Media, a multinational media and advertising company. The existence of our network depends on continuity in our host, which can legally pull the plug on itself at anytime!

Best regards, Peter


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