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Location: Sydney, NSW
Work interests: indexing
Affiliation/website: freelance
Preferred contact method: Private note via Research Co-op
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Location: Sydney, Australia
Work: Indexing
Biographical: I have indexed hundreds of books and journals in a wide variety of topics over the past 15 years. I also have extensive experience with database indexing and have worked on the National Library of Medicine's Medline database since 2001. My specialty is medical indexing.

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Mary Coe has indexed hundreds of books in a wide variety of topics over the past 25 years.  She is currently a PhD student in the School of Information Studies at Charles Sturt University and is conducting research on use of e-book indexes.    She is an active member of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers.

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Research Cooperative
12/02/17 02:30:37PM @chief-admin:

Hi Mary,

As you might notice, old profile data is now showing again (from 12th March 2017). Most of our early members have not added new information, after our host changed (an understandably tedious task) so they became invisible. Recently it became possible for me to show the info provided by early members, but the presentation is not ideal (see sidebar at left). I don't know yet if this information is now indexed and searchable.

Best regards, Peter (Admin., Kyoto)

Research Cooperative
13/02/17 08:03:29AM @chief-admin:

Just a further note (sorry to bother): I took the early member profile information offline again while I learn how to show it in a better way. At the moment I have no control over where it appears on the page, and on profiles generally. So it is a choice of showing lots of early information in a messy way, or not at all.

Mary Coe
13/02/17 08:05:04AM @mary-coe:

No problem, thanks for working on it!


Mary Coe
13/02/17 07:18:15AM @mary-coe:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the update.  I will update my profile and have a look at the search function in the new site, too!



Govinda Bhandari
24/06/14 10:19:10AM @govinda-bhandari:

Hi Mary

Could you tell me the possible way for indexing my journal, IJE, Nepal?

Govinda (Nepal)

Govinda Bhandari
23/06/14 11:20:57PM @govinda-bhandari:
Hi Mary CoeDo you work for indexing the journals too?RegardsGovinda (Nepal)


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