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Location: US, Los Angeles, CA.
Work: Botany (layman), Ethnobotany, Plant websites, Digital floras, Plant photography, Internet plant research, Plant data, Web development, Database development, Animation, Image editing, Language databases, MS Access, SQL Server, T-SQL, PhotoShop, Adobe Flash, ASP.NET, Data reporting, Data analysis, Excel pivot tables, GIS, GoogleMaps API, GBIF
Biographical: English (native), BA in English Lit., Portuguese (fluent), Some Spanish, German, Interest in other languages.

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Research Cooperative
29/06/11 10:25:45PM @chief-admin:

Dear Matt,

Lucid was invented by a semi-employed Australian botanist who wrote the original code while living in an old retired train carriage in a forest. It then became a core element of a bioinformatics centre at the University of Queensland and a an industry has been born from the idea that taxonomic keys (a) do not have to be dichotomous, and (b) can be used to harness expert knowledge about variation in anything... including diseases, cultural objects, plants, animals, etc. Carol and I are planning to use it to bring some order to the use of starch and phytolith morphology for the identification of archaeological plant residues.

Cheers, P.

Dr Akhilesh Kumar
29/06/11 03:12:15PM @dr-akhilesh-kumar:

Dear Matt,

I invite you to join our group Ethnobotanical Society. Here is our link for the Society page: This isa working group aimed at supporting establishment of the Society. We welcome your comments.

Research Cooperative
29/06/11 01:21:00PM @chief-admin:

Dear Matt,

Are you familiar with the classification and key generation program called LUCID? (see ).

Data that are in an Excell table outside of LUCID have to be converted into .csv files and then imported. My colleague here at the museum thinks she will need to write Excell macros to fit her data to the LUCID system, and we may need to get advice on how to write the macros. Is this an area you are familiar with?

Thanks, P.

Dr.Narendra Patel
10/01/11 10:54:46PM @drnarendra-patel:

please visit open access e journal


held international congress

Jared David May
15/02/09 07:57:21AM @jared-david-may:
Check your e-mail, I finished replying to you e-mail.Guten Nacht, Jared David...


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