Research Cooperative Review (Issue 13, 21st June 2011)

Research Cooperative
21/06/11 10:47:01PM

This month I will be brief, as I have several research papers that I should somehow be writing or editing simultaneously.

The basic structure of our network has remained constant for the last few years, but the content has diversified in many ways. I have been trying to create more opportunities for people to find each other through shared interests, through our network.

Each different kind of content - for example our pages for different languages , or our country focus groups - takes time to establish, manage, and expand. Each group page:

  • has to be created,
  • translation may be needed,
  • members must be invited to join,
  • page details must be revised,
  • messages must be moderated occasionally,
  • encouragement must be given to members who join the group,
  • and so on.

From now on, I should actively seek volunteers to help with administration of the network, as well as continuing my own efforts to develop the network and attract new members. A good starting point might be to create a volunteer " Membership Committee " to support greater contact between existing members and the network. Volunteers please apply!

A longer view is also needed to manage succession in the leadership and administration of our network, which is currently managed by the founder (and present author). With this in mind, I have created a focus group for thinking about succession in the Research Cooperative.

All Research Co-op members are invited to join this group and contribute to the discussion.

Thanks, Dr P. J. Matthews (Kyoto, Japan)

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