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Location: London & Cairo
Work: Past Preservers was founded by archaeologist Nigel J. Hetherington in 2005 to provide historical and archaeological consultancy and professional support to the media industry. Past Preservers provides expert opinion and counsel throughout the creative process, from conception to product delivery. Past Preservers is the creative hub between the heritage and media worlds.

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Julia Schumann-Mudrick
17/02/13 08:57:00AM @julia-schumann-mudrick:

Dear Nigel,

I would like to invite you to a meetup for London area Research Cooperative members next month. Please check out ourfacebook pagefor more information and RSVP if you can make it. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message through the co-op or via email.



Research Cooperative
08/10/10 10:11:40AM @chief-admin:
Dear Nigel,This morning I noticed a poster on our museum noticeboard advertising on exhibition: "Stone tools of the East Asia"It drives me nuts when Japanese organisations don't bother to ask a native-English speaker to check out at least the title of an announcement... This will probably be a beautiful exhibition seen by very few people in a prefectural public museum in Kyushu
Research Cooperative
02/05/10 12:01:23AM @chief-admin:
Dear Nigel,The first video is good... are more available, in this series? I did not find them at your company homepage.We really need a documentary series covering the archaeology of Japan, for foreign audiences, and showing people how to find the archaeology, and relate it to landscape history here. There are innumerable local museums with archaeology displays throughout Japan, but there has been no serious effort to introduce the deeper history of Japan to foreign audiences. Archaeology Travel in Japan is an industry waiting to happen....P.
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