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Location: Spain
Work: Publish in Journals, Academic Publishing, Scholarly Research, Academic Writing, Higher Education, University Teaching, Web 3.0.
Biographical: Rafael is a frequent speaker and provides training and consulting to scholars and Universities around the world, having a clear vision of the web 3.0 and open access changes that are occurring in the scholarly environment and how they affect to academics, their publications and their impact.
Favourite Publications: Gaudeamus - The academic network for publishing in journals

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Research Cooperative
23/06/13 09:25:25PM @chief-admin:

Dear Dr Barros,

Thanks very much for joining our network. Please look around... comments and questions are welcome at any time.

One of the biggest problems for inexperienced research writers is deciding which journal to publish their work in. Perhaps this one of the key issues that Gaudeamusacademica can address.

Personally, I have always chosen journals that I like, or that I wish to support because I know the editors. My other priorities are the likely audience to be reached, and the relevance of the journal theme to my own research. I am not much concerned with the past 'impact' of a journal. I like to publish in a variety of journals, with a variety of styles, to broaden the reach of my work over time.

Academically, it has been a good long-term strategy for me to invest research and writing efforts in different journals and audiences. In this way, my range of potential employers has always been broad, and I have been able to easily move between social sciences and natural sciences.

Best regards, Peter (Admin.)


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