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Location: lebanon
Work: very intrested in ethnobotany, botany, molecular biology, rural development, ...
Biographical: Taghrid H. Nassour SPECIALTY: Vegetal biology (botany), Plant biodiversity and Biotechnology EDUCATION - Lebanese baccalaureate in life and earth sciences (SVT) / Saint-Joseph school Miniara / Akkar / North Lebanon, 2003. - Maitrise in Vegetal Biology Lebanese university, Faculty of Sciences branch 2 Fanar Beirut, 2007. - Masters degree in Plant Biodiversity and Biotechnology USEK (University of the Holly Spirit of Kaslik), Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, June 2009. WORKING EXPERIENCE - General Biology instructor at the American University of Technology (AUT). - General Chemistry instructor at the American University of Technology (AUT). - Assistant to Dean and member of the Faculty Council at the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the American University of Technology. - Student Advisor at the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the American University of Technology. TRAINING EXPERIENCES - Internship in the Ministry of Environment (MoE)  Service of Protection of Urban Environment / Protected Areas 15/07/2008 – 15/08/2008. - "Old grapevine varieties in Akkar", morphological, genetic (AFLP technique) and Ethnobotanical Characterization Masters Thesis at USEK laboratory. - Assistantship in the study "genetic characterization of Abies cilisica in the Lebanese Forests" under the direction of Dr. Myrna Semaan. - In-vitro culture of potato and citrus stems and nodes at USEK Laboratories, under the direction of Dr. Lamis Shalak / LARI. - Special lessons teaching Biology and Chemistry: grades 8-9-10 and 11. - Experiencing teaching of Biology and Chemistry in “Modern school” Miniara-Akkar-Lebanon Grades 8-10-11. WORKSHOPS - Training session sponsored by the Ministry of Environment (MoE), American University of Beirut (AUB), Global Environment Foundation (GEF), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Tannourine Cedars Nature Reserve (TCNR), in Tannourine, about controlling and monitoring the insects invasive of the Cedars trees: Cephalcia tannourinensis, Cedar shoot moth and Cedar Processionary moth, August 2008. - Participation to the workshop for desining a course based on Team Based Learning, conducted by Dr. Larry Michaelsen of the University of Central Missouri, at AUT, December 2009. - Participation to the workshop for course design and syllabus development, conducted by Dr. L. Dee Fink from Ocklahoma University USA, at AUT, September 2010. - Participation to the workshop for national formation “capacity building” about “Environmental Impact Assessment” (EIA) with the public participation for the lebanese republic, sponsored by the United Nations Environnement Program (UNEP) and the ministry of environment March 2009. - Participation to the workshop sponsored by USEK and Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais - France, on Molecular Diagnostics, April 2009. - Participation to the workshop sponsored by the Lebanese Governorate, the AFDC and the ARC, about "Religion and Environment", May 2009. - Participation to the workshop organized by Notre-Dame University (NDU), Water Energy and Environment Research Center (WEERC), Lebanese Association for Energy Saving and for Environment (ALMEE), In coordination with University of Firenze, Italy, University of Ulster, Great Britain, National, Energy Research Center- NERC, Jordan, Institute of Technology and Life Sciences, Poland, Lebanese Agricultural Research Institution-LARI, Lebanon and Lebanese Industrials Association- LIA, Lebanon, titled Strategic Impacts and Contributions of Applied Renewable Energy Integrated Solutions in Mediterranean Countries, in July 2010. - Member of "Friends of Nature" (FON) organization. COMPUTER SKILLS SPSS for statistical analysis, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, access), internet. LANGUAGE SKILLS - ARABIC : Mother tongue - ENGLISH : Very Good - FRENCH : Very Good - ITALIAN : Good

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Dr Akhilesh Kumar
30/06/11 02:22:26PM @dr-akhilesh-kumar:
Dear Mam,we are waiting you on our discussion group Ethnobotanical Society. Here is our link for the Society page: http://researchcooperative.org/group/ethnobotanicalsociety. This is a working group aimed to establish "The Ethnobotanical Society (TEBS): an international home for research and education in ethnobotany"
Dr.Narendra Patel
10/01/11 11:14:07PM @drnarendra-patel:

please visit open access e journal



held international congress


Research Cooperative
20/04/10 09:39:33PM @chief-admin:
Dear Taghrid,I have created another group called "The Chemical World" inside the Research Cooperative. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please see here: Thanks, Peter (Administrator, The Research Cooperative)
Research Cooperative
09/04/10 10:25:55PM @chief-admin:
Dear Taghrid,I have created a group for "Ecology communication" inside the Research Cooperative. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please go here: Thanks, Peter
Research Cooperative
29/09/09 06:11:07PM @chief-admin:
Hi Taghrid,I am now staying in Auckland, NZ for 2-3 months. The grapevines here are just beginning to sprout.I am hoping to do some collaborative work on taro (qolqas) DNA with the Alan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution, at Massey University.I recently joined a discussion group on Crop Wild Relatives (CWR). Some of the discussion can be seen here: http://agro.biodiver.se/2009/09/conservation-for-a-new-era-highlights-crop-wild-relatives/ Best regards, P.
Dr. D. K. M. Jethi
22/11/08 02:17:05PM @dr-d-k-m-jethi:
HI i have done some work on ordination, dendrogram, phytosocioloygy and published a book on that . So kindly send me some email id of u r university so that i may send a glimpse of the book . ok byeeeee


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