Translators Without Borders (NGO)

Research Cooperative
18/11/16 08:52:02PM

Translators Without Borders (TWB) provides people with access to vital knowledge in their language by :

  • Providing translations for non-profit organizations in the areas of crisis relief, health and education
  • Building capacity by training new translators in under-resourced languages
  • Raising awareness of why language matters in humanitarian work

(The above information was provided by the TWB website, 18th November, 2016)

There is potentially a great amount of overlap in the goals of the Research Cooperative and TWB.

There is a large amount of research-based information that is potentially useful to communities facing difficulties in health, food supply, water supply, and so on. One way for academic translators to gain experience (and establish a professional reputation) is to help organisations like TWB.

If you know of similar initiatives, anywhere in the world, please let us know!