Research Cooperative brochure, with cover letter

Research Cooperative
16/01/12 10:20:41PM

The following cover letter can be used by any member to introduce the electronic or printed version of our brochure. The electronic version is attached below. To obtain copies of the printed brochure (English or Japanese), please send request here .

To whom it may concern,

I am a member of the Research Cooperative, an online social network for researchers, editors, translators, publishers, and others. Our network was established in 2001, as a not-for-profit and independently-managed organisation.

This letter introduces the history and aims of theResearch Cooperative (see attached brochure).

After several years of working for various research organisations in Japan (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Kyoto University, and the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka), the network creator, Dr Peter Matthews, realised that finding help for translation or editing is often difficult for researchers who work with English as a second language.

It can also be difficult for researchers working in their own first language!

Most researchers in most countries have little money to spend on language services, or can only imagine working with a translator or editor who has been recommended by someone they already know.

In reality, not all authors can find affordable help from someone who has been personally recommended. In the Research Cooperative, members can offer or request professional paid services, but our forums are also open to offers and requests for volunteer help and mutual help.

Researchers, graduate students, editors, translators, and others are invited to help each other gain experience and improve their skills in research communication.

The Research Cooperative is not a complete solution to all our problems, but it does give all members a chance to meet other people with shared interests and aims, in the context of a friendly social network.

Since 2001, other social networks have become global giants where it can be difficult to develop useful connections with for a particular purpose.

In the Research Cooperative, every member has joined because of some interest in research and better research communication. You may already know someone who is a member of our network. We now have more than 3600 members, in many cites and countries.

Please show this letter and the attached brochure to any friends, colleagues, students, and others who might like to learn about the Research Cooperative.

If printed copies of our brochure are needed, e.g. for a conference venue, please contact Dr Peter Matthews (email researchcoopeative AT gmail DOT com).

Yours sincerely,